Friday, April 18


So lets talk "disorders" shall we?
I have this thing and it literally turns me into a physcotic person.  Or maybe a demon. 
I cannot stand crunching. 

When I am near someone and they excessively crunch their food (and slurp...OMG! just don't) something in me snaps and I have an academy award winning freak out session. My poor children. My friend Jessica was over today and she got to witness it. I should have been ashamed but I was not.  She looked at me and said "you know theres a name for that right?" 
NO!!! What!?! This is a REAL thing?!?! 
Let me introduce you to my newest self diagnosed condition...
According to Dr. Wikipedia, misophonia is literally, hatred of sound. It is a neurological disorder in which negative experiences such as anger (check), flight (check), hatred (check), and disgust (CHECK), are triggered by specific sounds. In my case crunching.  See for yourself here

So if you loudly crunch (like a chipmunk) your food with an open mouth while I am sitting next to you I might slap the food from your hand and spaz out like a crazy person, please DO NOT be offended. Its a condition, I can't help it and I need intervention. Pray for me people. Seriously. 

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Happy Crunching!

Monday, April 14


On March 28th my big turned 8.  photo IMG_7473_zps7c26677b.jpg
For some reason him turning 8 made me super emotional. I mean every year is hard but this year 8 just sounded so big. We celebrated with day with a special lunch date at Whataburger. His new favorite place to eat.
 photo IMG_7482_zps736e121b.jpg
Later that evening we had a fun party with all of our family and Parkers friends. We hired a video game truck for his party this year. I am pretty sure this is the best party invention ever for little boys. I might have had a blast myself playing the Wii Just Dance game.

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I am thankful for this child. He stretches me and challenges me to be better. I have to stay on my toes with this one or he outwits me. He has the uncanny ability to think critically just like his father and he thinks about things deeply. He is too smart for his own good and he has great ambitions. He has more determination to get things done then most adults. He is a goal setter, a creative, a dreamer and a do-er. He will go far in this life. I know he will. What a blessing it is to be his momma. Even if he does give me gray hair and wrinkles on my forehead.

Happy Birthday Parker! I hope this year is even more adventurous and beautiful then the last. You amaze me each day with you hilarious sense of humor and your tender heart for Jesus. Nurture that, it will take you far in life. You have my heart. Forever and always you will be my boy. The boys that made me a mom.

Wednesday, March 26

That one time I ran a Half-Marathon

First I want to say Thank You!
Thank you to everyone who encouraged me (and Phillip) this weekend on Facebook and Instagram. It definitely encouraged me to go through with the race. If I am honest, I had fears. I wanted to bail and pretend that I did it. But I also REALLY wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. So... I did it. And it was perfect. Painful, but perfect.

We decided since the race was on a Sunday, that we would make a fun little family getaway out of it. I mean why not? We were traveling all the way to Dallas to run the race. 
I love to travel. It energizes me. I love going to places with high energy, good food and different cultures. While we were in Dallas this time, we stopped at a park on our way to meet up with some friends. I forgot the name of this park but it was everything I LOVE about the city.

Open grass area, food trucks, live music, playground, bistro tables scattered about, families having picnics, big buildings in the back ground, children running and playing. It was the perfect afternoon. And a perfect pre-race chill day.

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The next day was race day. I am thankful for my friend who ran the race with me. Jessica, her mom and I had trained hard for the last 3 months for this day.  I learned so much about myself during that run. 13.1 miles if a long way y'all! Especially for someone who just started running in January. I learned that our bodies can do just about anything we tell it to do. I learned that with the right amount of determination and dedication we can achieve big things. When you set goals and work diligently to meet them you reap a reward that you didn't even know was coming when that goal is met.

 photo IMG_7409_zpscd330135.jpg
 photo IMG_7410_zps208b492d.jpg

It felt good to do something for myself. It felt good to test my limits, to see how far I could push myself.  It felt good to cross that finish line knowing I did it. I finished it.

I am not the fastest runner. I am not the best runner. But I am a runner. I ran my race and I put all that I had into it. I finished under the time I wanted to finish it in and though I cried through the last 2 miles and I thought I would never make it, I did and I have never been more proud. (and I actually want to do it again) I ran alongside 10,000 other runners. Both professional and not. Their energy, their excitement, it pushed me and encouraged me. Together we were running. From all different places in life. Some of us moms, dads, grandparents, students and real life athletes. We were all out there running doing the best we could, working towards that finish line.

As I ran through the course I thought how similar this is to life. We are all running a race. We are all working towards goals and finish lines. Through some of the "miles" in our races we coast, feeling great. And then through some of the "miles" in our race we feel tired, worn down, busted and broken, but we have to keep going. You have to keep pressing because what's on the other side of those hard miles is victory!

I once said "I could never be a runner" and I once said "I could never run a half-marathon".  Friends, we have to push through those "I can't's" and "I could never's".  When you press through those, you begin to tap into a whole new world. You being to see your dreams come to life. Whatever your "run" may look like, you can do it. You can press through the junk and find victory. You can succeed at your dreams. Press in and press hard. You can overcome those obstacles because you ARE and overcomer. I will be right here cheering you along!

 photo IMG_7419_zpsf4d55388.jpg

So here's to that one time I ran a half marathon and it changed my life.